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Uncertainty Saps Economic Recovery; Risks Remain Elevated

July 29, 2011 The U.S. economy was beset with several major setbacks in the first half of the year that spurred rising uncertainty and increased caution. The tragedies in Japan, surging energy prices sparked by the Arab Spring, a double-dip in housing, and the continuation of the European debt crisis converged to stall economic growth […]

Heightened Energy Prices Restrain First Quarter Recovery Momentum

April 29, 2011 U.S. GDP growth remained positive in the first quarter, and two months of strong job increases reinforce that a sustainable,albeit cautious, economic recovery is well under way. First quarter GDP growth was hampered by poor weather, high gasoline prices and slowing consumer spending. Nonetheless, hiring and corporate expenditures set the stage for […]

Slowing But Still Positive Manufacturing Sector Saps Recovery; Below-Trend Performance In Second Half Expected

August 20, 2010 The already choppy economic recovery will continue its slow advance this year, but growth will deteriorate as its primary contributors — government stimulus and manufacturing — lose steam. Furthermore, no new economic drivers have emerged to propel the recovery into a self-perpetuating expansion, suggesting below-trend GDP growth will persist through the second […]

Economic Growth Broadens To All Sectors But Pace Slows; Further Slowing Anticipated, But Double-Dip Remains Unlikely

July 30, 2010 Economic growth eased in the second quarter from the pace set in the first three months of the year, fueling concerns the fragile economy could slide into a double-dip recession. Despite the cautionary signals raised by the weakening headline number, the underlying components of gross domestic product (GDP) demonstrate that the economy […]