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Robust Gain in Retail Spending Reiterates Positive Commercial Real Estate Outloo

  Follow us: |  |  Research Brief March 2018 RETAIL Developing Trends ■ Influx of new positions in February extends job creation streak. With the addition of 313,000 positions last month, the nation has witnessed employment growth for 89 consecutive months. Retail employers expanded payrolls by 50,000 new hires in February with general merchandisers accounting for over […]

Household Formation, Confident Consumers Powering Retail Sales Growth

    Follow us: Research Brief April 2017 RETAIL SALES Developing Trends ■ As consumers steer more spending to online portals, two retail giants are forging different paths for growth. Wal-Mart has initiated a program to provide discounts for online shoppers seeking to pick up merchandise in stores. Meanwhile, Amazon announced a new grocery concept […]