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Booming Economy Prompting Hawkish Fed Policy; Global Financial Markets May Complicate Future Action

    Follow us: |  |  Research Brief June 2018 FEDERAL RESERVE Developing Trends ■ Recession indicator close to tipping point. Following the increase in the Fed funds rate, the spread between the two-year Treasury and 10-year Treasury has fallen to 34 basis points, the lowest level since prior to the Great Recession. ■ Small business optimism […]

Federal Reserve Projects Three Rate Hikes in 2018; Watching Tariff Impacts Closely

Follow us: |  |  Research Brief March 2018 FEDERAL RESERVE Developing Trends ■ Unemployment projected to fall below 4 percent nationally. A constrained labor pool and more than 6.3 million job openings have prompted Fed projections of unemployment reaching below 4 percent nationally through the coming year. ■ Combination of tax cuts, higher wages boosting retail outlook. […]

Lower 10-Year Treasury Rate Reduces Debt Cost, but Buyer/Seller Perception Gap Still Prevalent

  Follow us: Research Brief June 2017 FEDERAL RESERVE Developing Trends Long-term interest rates trend lower. Following the 75 basis point surge in the 10-year Treasury immediately after the election, long-term rates have steadily declined. Consistent international demand for the security of U.S. Treasurys has held rates in the low-2 percent range, a positive for […]