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Fed Signals End of Tightening Cycle; Interest Rates Reignite Opportunities

  FEDERAL RESERVE MARCH 2019 Fed Signals End of Tightening Cycle; Interest Rates Reignite Opportunities Interest rates fall as Fed shifts policy outlook. At its latest meeting, the Federal Reserve signaled an end to rate hikes this year, while reserving the potential for one increase in 2020. The Fed also announced its intention to end […]

Booming Economy Prompting Hawkish Fed Policy; Global Financial Markets May Complicate Future Action

    Follow us: |  |  Research Brief June 2018 FEDERAL RESERVE Developing Trends ■ Recession indicator close to tipping point. Following the increase in the Fed funds rate, the spread between the two-year Treasury and 10-year Treasury has fallen to 34 basis points, the lowest level since prior to the Great Recession. ■ Small business optimism […]

Federal Reserve Projects Three Rate Hikes in 2018; Watching Tariff Impacts Closely

Follow us: |  |  Research Brief March 2018 FEDERAL RESERVE Developing Trends ■ Unemployment projected to fall below 4 percent nationally. A constrained labor pool and more than 6.3 million job openings have prompted Fed projections of unemployment reaching below 4 percent nationally through the coming year. ■ Combination of tax cuts, higher wages boosting retail outlook. […]

Lower 10-Year Treasury Rate Reduces Debt Cost, but Buyer/Seller Perception Gap Still Prevalent

  Follow us: Research Brief June 2017 FEDERAL RESERVE Developing Trends Long-term interest rates trend lower. Following the 75 basis point surge in the 10-year Treasury immediately after the election, long-term rates have steadily declined. Consistent international demand for the security of U.S. Treasurys has held rates in the low-2 percent range, a positive for […]