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Extremely Tight Unemployment Among College-Educated Strengthens Demand For High-End Apartments

    Follow us: |  |  Research Brief October 2018 EMPLOYMENT Developing Trends ■ Year-to-date job growth outperforms last year’s comparison. In September, 134,000 jobs were filled, bringing the total expansion of the employee base for the year up to 1.9 million people. That is 180,000 more jobs than were added in the same time period in […]

Competition for Staff Invigorates Office Space Demand; Labor Shortage Could Emerge in Second Half of Year

    Follow us: |  |  Research Brief June 2018 EMPLOYMENT Developing Trends ■ With 223,000 jobs added last month, May became the 92nd straight month of employment additions and the unemployment rate dropped to 3.8 percent. The unemployment rate hasn’t been this low since April of 2000. ■ Employment growth supports apartment demand. The expanding job […]

Continued Job Creation Bolsters Household Formations; Supports Space Demand For Commercial Real Estate

    Follow us: |  |  Research Brief May 2018 EMPLOYMENT Developing Trends ■ The labor market added 164,000 jobs in April. This marks the 91st straight month of employment additions as the unemployment rate dropped to 3.9 percent, the lowest since 2000. Tight labor conditions, however, could mute employment expansion going forward despite elevated demand for […]

Strong Employment Gains Reinforce Outlook For Positive Real Estate Space Demand

Follow us: |  |  Research Brief March 2018 EMPLOYMENT Developing Trends ■ The labor market added 313,000 jobs in February. The economy has added jobs for the 89th straight month, the longest continuous employment expansion on record. Stimulus being added to the economy, especially from the decline in corporate tax rates, should support employment gains. ■ Expanding […]