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Lower 10-Year Treasury Rate Reduces Debt Cost, but Buyer/Seller Perception Gap Still Prevalent

  Follow us: Research Brief June 2017 FEDERAL RESERVE Developing Trends Long-term interest rates trend lower. Following the 75 basis point surge in the 10-year Treasury immediately after the election, long-term rates have steadily declined. Consistent international demand for the security of U.S. Treasurys has held rates in the low-2 percent range, a positive for […]

Tight Labor Market Restrains Job Creation, Offers Mixed Outlook for Commercial Real Estate

      Follow us:  Research Brief June 2017 EMPLOYMENT Developing Trends ■ Apartment absorption could get a boost as the record number of adult children living at home may finally have the financial strength to move out. Many will likely rent, supporting steady apartment absorption. The catalyst for the releasing of these pent-up households […]

Household Formation, Confident Consumers Powering Retail Sales Growth

    Follow us: Research Brief April 2017 RETAIL SALES Developing Trends ■ As consumers steer more spending to online portals, two retail giants are forging different paths for growth. Wal-Mart has initiated a program to provide discounts for online shoppers seeking to pick up merchandise in stores. Meanwhile, Amazon announced a new grocery concept […]

New-Home Sales Building Momentum As Entry-Level Buyers Re-engage in Homebuying

    Follow us:  Research Brief April 2017 HOUSING Developing Trends ■ The annual uptick in existing-home sales was driven by trading among higher-end homes as the inventory of affordable listings remained tight. The slowdown in sales of lower-cost properties presents challenges to first-time homebuyers, channeling many to new builds. Though developers face cost issues in […]