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Millennial Homeownership Edging Higher, Young Adults Still Favor Apartment Lifestyle

  Follow us:  Research Brief August 2017 HOUSING Developing Trends ■ Apartment construction appears likely to peak this year as more than 370,000 units are slated for delivery, up from 290,000 apartments in 2016. The majority of new supply is concentrated in luxury, Class A properties, and some markets could experience softening vacancy as these […]

  Household Formation, Loosening Lending Criteria Stimulate Housing Demand

  Follow us:  Research Brief July 2017 HOUSING Developing Trends ■ Existing single-family home prices increased 5.8 percent year over year in May to $252,800 and are up nearly $20,000 since the end of 2016. The increase pushed the median to a record high, largely driven by strong buyer competition and limited inventory across the […]

Job Creation Outpaces Expectations; Invigorates Commercial Real Estate Space Demand

  Follow us:  Research Brief July 2017 EMPLOYMENT Developing Trends ■ June employment exceeded expectations with 222,000 positions created. The labor market remains on pace to add about 2 million jobs in 2017. Throughout the expansion employment growth has been the most consistent metric demonstrating continued economic growth. ■ Unemployment edged up slightly in June […]

Lower 10-Year Treasury Rate Reduces Debt Cost, but Buyer/Seller Perception Gap Still Prevalent

  Follow us: Research Brief June 2017 FEDERAL RESERVE Developing Trends Long-term interest rates trend lower. Following the 75 basis point surge in the 10-year Treasury immediately after the election, long-term rates have steadily declined. Consistent international demand for the security of U.S. Treasurys has held rates in the low-2 percent range, a positive for […]