Monthly Archives: August 2011

Debt Ceiling Debate and U.S. Credit Downgrade Intensifies Uncertainty; Risk to Economy Heightened

August 12, 2011 Down-to-the-wire debt ceiling debate and the subsequent downgrade of U.S. debt intensified uncertainty and fear among businesses and consumers, leading to heightened caution and the rising potential of an economic stall. Negative forces, including the spike in energy prices, supply-chain disruptions in Japan, sovereign debt issues abroad, and a housing double-dip had […]

Better-Than-Expected Jobs Report Welcome News But Serious Concerns Remain

August 5, 2011 The July employment report offered a welcome respite from disconcerting global economic news and the protracted debt-ceiling debate in Washington. Despite private-sector payroll gains for 17 consecutive months, the pace of job creation remains tepid, reiterating continued caution among employers. The growth in payrolls last month, and upward revisions to May and […]