Monthly Archives: July 2011

Uncertainty Saps Economic Recovery; Risks Remain Elevated

July 29, 2011 The U.S. economy was beset with several major setbacks in the first half of the year that spurred rising uncertainty and increased caution. The tragedies in Japan, surging energy prices sparked by the Arab Spring, a double-dip in housing, and the continuation of the European debt crisis converged to stall economic growth […]

Consumers Increasingly Cautious As Economy Encounters Soft Patch

July 15, 2011 Consumer spending, still-fragile in the wake of the Great Recession,was easily shaken in recent months by the loss of economic momentum.Fading government support and another round of housing market weakness contributed to the deceleration, undermining business and consumer confidence. This, in turn, slowed the pace of hiring and retail sales growth. With […]

Job Market Stalls as Economic Uncertainty Raises Caution; Double-Dip Recession Remains Unlikely

July 8, 2011 Job growth stalled for the second month in a row in June, with employers hiring the fewest workers in nine months. Cuts in government payrolls offset modest job creation in the private sector, where many employers have grown increasingly skittish despite recent economic improvements that have elevated corporate profits and solidified balance […]