Monthly Archives: June 2011

Housing Double-Dip Remains A Substantial Drag On Economy

June 24, 2011 The U.S. housing market has fallen into a double-dip slump after last year’s stimulus-driven stabilization and will continue to weigh on the pace of economic recovery through the coming year. Housing-related output has fallen dramatically since the bubble burst in late 2006, detracting an average of 70 basis points from quarterly GDP. […]

Retail Sales Momentum Wanes Amid Signs Of Slowing Recovery

June 17, 2011 The U.S. economic downshift into a more moderate rate of expansion has marginally impacted consumer spending. Weakness in the national recovery was evident in top-line May retail sales, as total receipts slipped for the first time in 11 months. The drop in May sales, however, was beset by rising energy prices and […]

Stubbornly High Unemployment Saps Economic Momentum; Accommodative Fed Fuels Hopes of Late-Year Resuscitation  

June 10, 2011 A stubbornly high unemployment rate and last month’s soft job gains indicate the economy has begun losing momentum. As employers hired at a brisk pace through the first quarter, unemployment receded to 8.8 percent by March, helping fuel optimism among corporations and individuals that a private-sector led recovery had finally emerged. In […]

Job Market Signals Loss of Economic Momentum; Recession Remains Unlikely

June 3, 2011 Employers have responded to favorable economic trends, adding 2.1 million private-sector jobs since turning positive 15 months ago, including 83,000 positions in May. Despite this steady growth, job creation in May came in well below expectations, potentially foretelling a broader economic slowdown. Combined with recent reports on slower manufacturing and an emerging […]