Monthly Archives: January 2011

Extension of Unemployment Benefits, Bush-Era Tax Cuts Alleviates Uncertainty, Boosts Economic Recovery

January 14, 2011 Extension of unemployment benefits and the Bush-era tax cuts have eased economic uncertainty, driving better-than-expected retail sales through the holiday season and supporting healthy gains on Wall Street. In the coming year, the legislation will also help bolster economic growth. Many companies held back spending and permanent hiring in 2010 as they […]

Pace Of Job Growth Beats Last Two Recovery Cycles; Cautious Corporate Sector Still Reliant On Temporary Staff

January 10, 2010 Corporate America added fewer permanent jobs than expected in December and remained reliant on temporary workers to meet staffing needs. Private-sector employers, however, show signs a sustainable, albeit cautious, rate of expansion has taken hold, and recent government action could accelerate the pace of hiring in 2011. This clarity in the regulatory […]