Monthly Archives: October 2010

Bush-Era Tax Cuts Remain An Open Question As Election Nears; Failure To Renew, At Least In Part, Poses Risk To Recovery

October 29, 2010 The approaching elections offer the prospect for a shakeup in the legislature that could lead to increased policy gridlock as Republicans and Democrats move further from compromise. One critical point under debate is the fate of the Bush-era tax cuts, which are set to expire at the end of this year. Republicans […]

Private Sector Adds Jobs for Ninth Straight Month; Expansion Lacks Conviction in Face of Continued Uncertainty

October 12, 2010 Despite creating 863,000 positions over the last nine months, private-sector job gains recently were overshadowed by government cutbacks. In September, tepid private-sector growth of 64,000 jobs was dwarfed by the elimination of 159,000 government positions, generating a net loss of 95,000 employees. Unlike the past few months, when scheduled census-related job cuts […]

Firming Prices, Strengthening Recovery Rates Spur Lenders To Increase Sale Of Distressed Properties

October 01, 2010 Stabilizing operating conditions, firming values and strengthening recovery rates will inspire lenders to increase their disposition of distressed properties, though a flood of liquidations will not occur. Many lenders extended loans or warehoused reclaimed assets through the downturn, waiting for values and operations to improve before taking REO properties to market. As […]