Monthly Archives: June 2010

Choppy Economic Performance Raises Concerns, But Industrial Sector Momentum Offsets Weakness In Other Areas

June 25, 2010 Tepid private-sector hiring, high unemployment, contracting retail sales and weakening housing activity tempered enthusiasm surrounding the pace and sustainability of the recovery. Continued industrial output, however, will have a far-reaching impact on economic growth by spurring job creation not only in the manufacturing sector, but also in transportation, distribution and sales. This […]

Negative Homeowner Equity And Strategic Mortgage Defaults Boost Retail Sales But Pose Another Risk To Recovery

June 11, 2010 Drastic reductions in home values have driven many homeowners’ equity to negative levels, and returning to break-even will, for most, require several years. Consequently, a significant portion of these upside-down homeowners will walk away from their houses, even if they have the financial means to continue making payments. These strategic defaults have […]

Tepid Private-Sector Employment Growth Overshadows Surge In Temporary Census Jobs

June 4, 2010 Monthly employment gains in May were the highest in 10 years, but substantial government hiring was overshadowed by the limited contributions of the private sector. This disproportional reliance on the public sector highlights challenges facing the pivotal transition of economic growth from government-led activity to the business sector. Jobs were created for […]