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Hiring Thaws in March; Private-Sector Staffing Fully Recovered From Recession

AprilĀ 4, 2014 Overcoming interruptions from harsh winter weather earlier this year, U.S. employers regained their stride in March and added workers at a moderate pace. The expansion of payrolls affirms that the U.S. economy is charting a steady rate of growth and assures that the Federal Reserve will remain committed to its pledge of tapering […]

Retail Sales Begin to Thaw; Modest but Broad-Based Gains in February

March 14, 2014 Consumer spending thawed a bit in February, lifting retail sales for the first time in three months. A long, cold winter has kept shoppers at home over the past few months, particularly in the Northeast and Southeast. Some of the pent-up demand for retail goods was released in February, though revisions to […]

Hiring Exceeds Expectations, but Recovery Remains Modest Amidst Numerous Headwinds

June 7, 2013 Hiring in May closely tracked the year-long trend of steady, though unremarkable growth in payrolls. The private sector continues to show considerable resiliency in the face of government spending cuts, political gridlock in Washington and difficulties in Europe. With the stock market rising and the housing market on the upswing, consumers continue […]

April Hiring Beats Expectations, but Sequestration and Other Headwinds to Restrain Momentum

May 6, 2013 Stronger than anticipated hiring in April, together with sizable upward revisions to the February and March employment figures, have alleviated concerns that sequestration will severely impair the employment market. Although some sectors such as manufacturing and construction have lost a bit of momentum, job creation continues to make headway and intial unemployment […]


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