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January Hiring Short of Expectations But Gains Align to Support Commercial Real Estate

February 12, 2016 The pace of hiring slackened in January following three months of outsize growth. New additions were made in a broad range of employment sectors and reduced the unemployment rate to its lowest level since early 2008. The performance of the job market, together with the new reading indicating the number of job […]

Oil Price Suppressed as Supply Glut Overloads Market; Poses Risks and Benefits for U.S. Economy

February 2, 2016 A substantial increase in supply ignited a steep decline in the price of crude oil over the past year. U.S. crude inventory has increased more than 20 percent since year-end 2014 and OPEC members continue to pump at elevated levels in an attempt to weaken U.S. producers. The supply glut and downward […]

December Retail Sales Dip, Though Strong Consumer Drives Gain for 2015

January 18, 2016 Increases in several retail categories were insufficient to off set weather-related factors and avert a minor drop in retail sales in December. For the entire year, however, retail sales increased, illustrating the continuing resilience of the U.S. consumer and providing the Federal Reserve confidence to normalize monetary policy. Currently, the central bank plans to raise its […]

Broad-Based December Hiring Solidifies 2015 Results; Tightening Labor Market Keeps Fed’s Options Open

January 11, 2016 U.S. employers pushed ahead with hiring plans in December to top off a strong year of job creation. The vigor of the U.S. labor market evident throughout 2015 will enable the Federal Reserve to place greater weight on inflation trends in guiding its monetary policy decisions this year. Nonetheless, a chaotic opening week […]


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